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Online Dating Frequently Asked Questions
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I paid, can a non-paying member read my email?
As an upgraded member, anyone you email can read and reply to your message regardless of whether or not they're upgraded.
What do all those email icons mean?
The various icons in the mail system are as follows:

- a new, unread message.

- a read message.

- an unread system message from People2People administration.

- a read system message from People2People administration.

- an unread message with a private photo attached.

- a read message with a private photo attached.

- an unread message with a video message attached to it.

- a read message with a video message attached to it.

- a locked message (unpaid members only), sent from an unpaid member to another unpaid member. If you are a paid member you can read messages from anyone either paid or unpaid.
Help, I can't read my email. There's a lock.
If you received an email you cannot read because there is a lock next to it, that means the sender also has a basic/free membership.

One of the members on either end sending or receiving, needs to be a premium/upgraded member for a message to be unlocked. We feel you get more response this way because you know the sender is interested in meeting.
My email has disappeared, why?
Sometimes an email can end up being sent from someone that was later banned for trying to scam people. When they got banned, their email was deleted as well.

Our site, like every other dating site, is often used by people with less than pure motives. Some are looking to scam you out of money, others are trying to advertise another service or product. We get many reports of this sort of thing every day and we do our very best to control it.
Help, I got an odd email and I think I'm being scammed, what do I do?
If you get a message that makes you think twice about its validity, trust your gut instinct. Block the sender and report them as spam by clicking on the "report" button to the left from within their profile and we will act on it promptly.

Doing so will help us fight off this unwanted activity. You and and your fellow members are our best police because you're focusing on a much smaller group of people.

We do what we can on our own, which is quite a bit actually, but your help is important in preventing spam and the assorted scams typically run on dating sites
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